Terence Lapidus


Terence’s work for education and a fair society for all began at the age of 16 in the townships of Cape Town where he volunteered every Sunday with underprivileged teenagers for four years.

Terence studied a BCom Accountancy at the University of Cape Town and a BCom Entrepreneurship through the University of South Africa. His career began working part time for Desmond Tutu at the Desmond Tutu Peace Centre and as a General Manager for a business development consultancy in Cape Town where he helped the company grow its revenue by over 130%. His passion for upliftment took him to Italy where he was trained in Transformational Leadership and was coached and mentored for several years by both the current Managing Director of Goldman Sachs in London, and the Head of Human Resources for Unilever UK & Ireland.

In 2006, Terence co-founded the volunteer based transformational leadership charity Lucca Leadership in South Africa, with the support of Patron Eddie Daniels who served 23yrs in jail with Nelson Mandela. In 2012, Terence moved to the United Kingdom to gain further experience in innovation in business and youth development. In 2013 he received a letter from the Cabinet Minister of Civil Society, congratulating him for co-designing a strategy of engagement with schools into a national youth development programme which was rolled out nationally to over 100 000 young people. Terence moved on to Head up the School Enterprise Challenge for International Development charity Teach A Man To Fish and launched it in South Africa together with the private sector and government in June 2014 before he left to start up The Big Collaboration.